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The online video school provides detail demonstration & analysis (theory) of material presented in the workshops. Printed material for certain modules are available at the workshops. The videos provide excellent learning & play-along material for daily
Videos are hosted on a service paid for by the workshops & are high-quality & commercial free. "Vimeo" allows the videos to be organized in "Channels" & "Albums". Channels are complete modules and Albums represent submodules or other shorter but complete modules.
WORKSHOP UPDATES January 27, 2014
Happy New Year!
from Peter, Buddy & Mahlia

ONLINE SCHOOL: See Tchavolo Swing "channel" for complete melody & improvisation learning module that follows the workshop methodology & Accelerated Music Program (AMP)(c) methodology used in workshops and online learning resources. Workshops are still ahead of videos but will synchronize over the coming weeks as time is available for recording and organizing, etc.

Quick review of current workshops:

TUESDAY - Gypsy Jazz Swing Jam...this is a straight-ahead jam with projected chord charts and reasonable jamming speeds. The jam starts at 7pm and every other week or so, another shift starts after 10:30pm. Text me if not sure.

WEDNESDAY - Acoustic Music Workshop 7pm, Jam Session 9pm - current focus is preparation for Wintergrass which includes rhythm focus (using runs etc.) plus secondary focus on melody & lead.

THURSDAY - Gypsy Jazz & Swing Workshop for strings tuned in fifths - violin, mandolin, viola etc. This is a technical workshop and requires experience and basic understanding. GUITARS are welcome and most of the analysis and exercises and tunes apply to all instruments.

FRIDAY - New Way to Play workshop & jam ...this is a workshop designed for all players with a focus and pace for newer players. However, the Accelerated Music Program is applied consistently across workshops. More advanced players will benefit plus be presented with an opportunity to help others. The jam starts at 9pm and is the fun playing and singing event of the week. Email charts if you have songs.

SATURDAY - no event scheduled. Saturdays will be scheduled for special events and workshops. The workshop could be rented for the night including background entertainment by yours truly and perhaps others or any other such fund-raising idea...or as likely, community energy idea.

Last update:

WEDNESDAY CHANGE: Through the end of FEB 2015, the Wed workshop will be focused on instrumental preparation for Wintergrass. All students and participants are encouraged to send an email outlining goals, hopes and needs. If you plan to attend regularly, this is a good way to help shape the material. FRIDAY is partially of the same goal.

INDIVIDUAL SESSIONS: Sundays/Mondays will be scheduled for both individual and small group workshops. Peter will be taking serious students only.

Invidual & small group include: catch-up workshop for newer players, music & program orientation, instrument specific or for ex., ukes & guitars, violin etc. Individual sessions will be for players ready for advanced work and practice.
After You've Gone

Blues en Minuer
(Minor Blues)



Joseph Joseph

Manha de Carnaval
(Black Orpheus)

Swing Gitan

Tchavalo Swing
(Latcho Drom)

Three Little Words

Ashokan Farewell

 Beaumont Rag

Big Mon

Big Sciota

Blackberry Blossom

Devils Dream

Dixie Hoedown

East Tennessee Blues

Lonesome Fiddle Blues

St. Anne's Reel

Old Joe Clark
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NOTE to prospective students and participants: All you have to do is show up. You can decide how to participate. I try to support anyone from casual participant to students who want more intense attention on their music including individual sessions.

Attendance is required to develop the synergy of having people learning and playing together, and it provides more energy for me to lead the program. More people also allows me to spread the effort in demonstrations, videos and printed materials.

There are no stops or start to the program. That is now how AMP works. AMP relies on the player allocating a comfortable amount of time to attend workshops, jams and their instrument in practice on muscle memory exercises at home. The fastest way to learn under the AMP system is to play and play frequently. The workshop allows that with little effort from the participant, so that makes it easier and faster.


The program is coming together to identify specific students who want to study more seriously. One of the school goals is to develop workshops that would follow a formal course of study...in the spirit of the Accelerated Music Program (c), meaning people are in busy lives and the quest to play music has to be balanced. A minimum dedication for this program would be 15 minutes a day and one workshop a week. An AMP plan is developed to focus your practice time down to very specific things that move you forward one note at a time instead of spending 15 minutes a day all over the map or playing songs out of a music book. Please come to the workshop for more information...or try to schedule something with me if you are hesitant to jump in.

GYPSY SWING material for the week includes outlining arpeggios for flat-9s, sharp-5s etc on Am and Gm tunes, tunes include Minor Blues, Swing Gitan and starting Tchavalo Swing (Latcho Drom). Key of Eb, Webster and more! New tune of week is the waltz: Indifference.

BLUEGRASS & related styles are including right hand cross-picking modules including Beaumont Rag and Dixie Hoedown, circle of fourths study including tunes Beaumont Rag, Sweet Georgia Brown & others.

All workshops have new material and material that is adapted to the exact group participating in the workshop. Diligent students can always find something to do on any instrument at any point at any workshop. The opportunity for experience and development occurs five nights a week...Tues thru Sat.

TUES Gypsy-Swing Jam: lots of fun, sometimes there is an early shift and late shift. Good for all players who can follow chord charts or who are learning to do so.

WED Music Workshop - working on various G-run, embellishments & bass walking for standard rhythm, various fiddle tunes, moving in fourths and more! The jam has been smaller lately but fun...lots of room to stretch out.

THURS Violin-Mandolin Gypsy-Swing workshop, guitars welcome: this workshop has just started and smaller groups provide more individual attention. All workshops are adapted to people attending but this workshop includes more advanced concepts in this music. However, as in all workshops, there is always something for someone to do.

FRI Music Workshop for All Players...including newer players. This has been a fun workshop structured around the people attending. There have been some great jams that have gone late. This is a good night to come for a jam. Bring drinks and even snacks! There are some on hand.

There are now several opportunities to gain important experience in Gypsy-Swing genre. Gypsy Jazz & swing go much faster with more experience playing and learning, so hopefully providing more opportunities will give students and participants options in their busy schedules.

THE INFO BELOW is general and is covered in pictures:


These newer Gypsy Swing workshops will provide more opportunities to focus on more difficult music and other instruments.

Thurs: violin-fiddle and mandolin, and other strings tuned in fifths including violin, fiddle, viola, mandolin, mandola, and like instruments; cello & mandocello OK too.

The main focus will be GYPSY JAZZ and swing but will also include FIDDLING to teach certain elements of music and technique. As always, the workshops are about achieving musicianship in an accelerated manner, not lessons, tunes or licks. . .which are all included by the way.

The principle of the workshop schedule is to provide ample opportunities to gain learning and experience. Violin and Mandolin is one change, but the nature of the change also means there is one more night to work on Gypsy Jazz and Swing. If you play another instrument, guitar in particular, you are welcome to attend the workshop in the "second row" as the focus will go on the violin/mandolin.

However, the "second row" principle covers a lot of ground. Everything I do in every workshop with the system behind the accelerated music program is exactly the same with adjustments for specific instruments. Chords are chords, arpeggios are arpeggios, melodies are melodies, diminished theory & licks and so on are all the same.

The gypsy swing workshops including Saturday cover a lot of ground and you have to attend weekly workshops to fully benefit from the system and wide coverage of material. Tonight, for instance, the plan is to work on "Investment Licks" for Blues en Mineur and Django's Tiger, "Filigree Lics" for China Boy, technical theory & exercised in diminished forms to move up and down neck (or vertically for violin), review the downpicking exercise posted online & muscle memory theory, and some work on Swing Gitan and For Sephora.
If you do not check your email, please make sure to send me your phone number so I can text you if there is a change in the schedule, which should be rare. Text your number and name to show contact info
The rest of the info is the same!

Some of the info below may be outdated but descriptions etc. are the same.

We've been having some great gypsy jazz workshops on Sun!

TUES: Gypsy Jazz-Swing Jam
WED: Acoustic Music Workshop
THUR: Mandolin-Violin Gypsy Swing Workshop
FRI: New Way to Play Workshop


723 NE Northlake Way, Seattle, 98105 Text show contact info or email

FYI, there is doorbell at the right side of the gate if it is closed. If I forget, please keep the gate closed after about 9pm-9:30pm in consideration of marina business people and residents.

The main Fire Dept address is 705 NE Northlake Way, 98105 which locates the entire MARINA on that block. That sign is posted on the side of the marine business next door: Gallery Marine.

The building is at a short driveway down to water level exactly at the south side of the intersection at NE Northlake Way and 8th Ave. There is a small sandwich board sign at that street sign (8th & Northlake). It is one block east of Ivar's Salmon House at water level. Look for the business GALLERY MARINE which is in the same exact location.

It is just slightly under/west of University Bridge, so don't go east under the bridge...it is just before that. The building is inside the marina which is a safe secure location but please don't go out on the docks. Please use safety and common sense around the docks and water.


Workshops are intense sessions for up to 3 hours that include live playing, technical exercises & short lectures on key theory elements of the Accelerated Music Program©

All workshops & jams are FREE -- jams have no end-time:

Attending the workshop weekly is the most important contribution to both of us!!

Motivation & inspiration energize all the goals

Donations do pay rent & direct expenses:

People generally donate a weekly amount.

Donations help pay for online materials & handouts!

School is nonprofit with strategy, plan & financial model.

School needs to find time & energy for major fundraising.


The Accelerated Music Program (c) is applied to all the workshops in a structured and consistent methodology & learning environment.

All workshops & jams start at 7pm.

Workshops are multimedia:

3 large monitors to project diagrams & lectures, video backup music, and close up video of playing on instrument

Each workshop focuses on newer players to very experienced players BUT with guidance, most students can benefit from any workshop or jam

Workshops are generally for all acoustic string instruments

Perhaps typical of bluegrass, gypsy jazz, Latin, swing


Wed & Fri Workshops are good options for players who cannot always make the workshop of their choice or if you want to come more than once per week.

Workshop flow adapts to the people who are there and there is something for everyone to do, including learn-by-helping someone else. Sometimes more advanced players enjoy this.

If you are not sure if this is for you, please contact me to set up an individual or 2-3 person meeting to go over the program and the different options to participate, learn, jam and gain diverse experience to achieve musicianship.

One key element of AMP (c) is repeated experience of all types. . .learning, jamming, teaching, performing, intense repetition & muscle memory exercises, be-here-now zone, community energy zone, etc. . .so do everything you can with available time.


GENERALLY FOR players who can follow the charts (or newer players can use muting or unobtrusive strum).

MATERIAL is a wide variety of Manouche & Swing tunes, many from the Django Fakebook, Realbooks, etc.

CHARTS are PROJECTED on large rotated monitors.

PLAYERS range from newer to very experienced to professional:

Earlier jam is more predictable & accessible

Jam advances depending on players who are there

Players can call any tune. . .chart & skill levels considered

TONE is a community style workshop jam for fun, learning and serious jamming.


ACCELERATED MUSIC PROGRAM © for all players in a unique workshop learning, playing & jamming environment.

BLUEGRASS, FIDDLE & VARIETY music is good to demonstrate, learn, repeat and play with MUSICIANSHIP.

COMMUNITY of people participate, learn and play with a fun friendly jam session that follows.

The workshop is an intense up to 3 hour effort each week that cycles through the five key elements of MUSICIANSHIP.

ASSIMILATE strong rhythmic & articulate tone using the math of music as applied to the geometry of your instrument with a focus on RIGHT HAND technique & sound.

ALL INSTRUMENTS use the same system.


ACCELERATED MUSIC PROGRAM © for all players in a unique workshop learning, playing & jamming environment.

GUITAR FOCUSED workshop for less to medium experienced players that includes advanced applications of AMP (c).

DRILL DOWN on guitar including theme material for current week workshops with focus on guitar technique and playing.


Basic to intermediate knowledge of bluegrass and fiddle tune technique will allow you to merge at a faster pace.

But, basic knowledge & playing around 1-FOUR-5 is good enough; other string instruments welcome.


For guitar, fiddle, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, acoustic bass, electric bass, mandola, viola, cello and other strings.

The range of playing level is newer players or players that want to rewind and rework their tone and technique.

Or more experienced players who can both benefit from AMP© & the invaluable experience of helping others

Starting players should be able to change basic chords -- if not, schedule start-up session to get going

A variety of styles including folk, country, bluegrass, swing, gypsy jazz, Latin, Blues, things you play when you start guitar or other instruments, and John Denver songs.

Fun community workshop with variety music jam session.


See info at top


The ACCELERATED MUSIC PROGRAM© provides a structured approach to learning and playing and jamming.

SYSTEMATIC APPROACH for developing the math of music on the geometry of your instrument.

CONSISTENTLY structured & applied across all jams/workshops.

SPEEDS UP learning with simplicity & muscle memory.

ADAPTABLE and APPLICABLE to various experience levels and needs.

BUILD musical and instrumental technique fundamentals on AMP principles.

REQUIRES the ability to withstand limited lectures on key elements of musicianship especially to learn apply the simple basics of theory...numbers...to the geometry of your instrument.


Workshops are designed to be attended indefinitely at least once a week:

Workshop goals to achieve the 5 T's of musicianship takes weeks to cycle through workshop topics and music styles

Attending 40 out of 50 weekly workshops is guaranteed to improve your playing based on the practice time for muscle-memory & absorption of theory through playing or I will teach you

All string instruments are welcome such as guitar, fiddle-violin, mandolin, banjo, ukulele, acoustic bass, electric bass, mandola, viola, cello and other strings

Donation vases are on either side of the door and please just give what the value of the workshop is relative to your budget. If you attend two or more workshops, then the formula is still
the same. A weekly donation will help the school and one donation covers all the workshops and jams. The school is a holistic experience and all events and workshops are included so
there is no need to donate every time or to donate at all.


Major changes and announcements will be highlight and new materials announced.

To maintain all aspects from administration to materials to websites, advertising, marketing, fundraising, weeding, constructing, practicing (hardly!) tripping over wires requires a mountain
of work.

The school is making progress toward goals of more comprehensive materials and weekly plans that are announced ahead of time with online materials.
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